Mathematical secret code generator with addition and subtraction

Digital code:
number of elements

The mathematical secret code calculation generator is a unique tool for parents and teachers. This tool lets you generate math calculations with any number and operators plus and minus. The resulting equation encodes a secret digital code of any number of digits. The tool is useful when children need to exercise their math skills, but just want to play computer games on their pads and computers. Parents can encode the numeric password and print long math equations for children to solve in order to get the code.

– The secret code can have any number of digits
– The user sets the number of elements in the resulting equation. For smaller children simpler elements can be generated.
– You can print the equation as a math worksheet by clicking the button “Print PDF”. The resulting PDF has large numbers and enough space between lines for a child to calculate all the intermediate results.
– The tool creates calculations with both plus and minus operators.
– There are many ways to calculate the same secret code. Click the button “Generate” to see the variations.
– The code “10”, can be encoded as “3 + 7 – 6 + 4 + 2”.